Friday, November 16, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Smith’s Strawberry Salve

I’m a hardcore Smith’s advocate & supporter and have been for 15 + years.  Somehow in all this time I’ve never tried the strawberry??!!  Well, let me tell you it’s giving my usual “minted rose” staple a run for the money.  I LOVE the strawberry.  For some reason the formula seems creamier and richer to me in strawberry and the scent is such a fun change from the rose!  

Literally, if I was stranded on an island this would be one of the items I couldn’t live without.  The other items would probably be champagne, my dog, cupcakes, pizza, and my hubby.  (in no particular order) Hahaha!  Oops!  & my soon to be born child!!

I’m laughing because my husband and I have been wondering why our dog smells like strawberries… it’s because I slather my lips in this and then can’t stop kissing him – I mean, look at this face – could you resist???

Happy Friday!

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