Monday, July 11, 2011

Bobbi Brown Gloss(es)

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss

Bobbi’s lip glosses are small but they pack a powerful punch.  One of my all time favorite shades was her “cabana coral” – which unfortunately has been discontinued.  My new favorite is “#31 Pink Blossom.”  When you see the size of this tube, you’re thinking “really?? $22 for this??” but a little goes a long way and the tube surprisingly will last you forever, I swear!!  The gloss is scented lightly with a vanilla bean fragrance and is packed full of soothing and moisturizing ingredients like avocado, jojoba, and chamomile.  Bobbi is known for her fresh, simple, no fuss approach to cosmetics and this gloss is the epitome of her famous “real and approachable” beauty collection motto.  I’m adding a link to the gloss at Neiman Marcus below:

I just ordered one of Bobbi’s new “High Shimmer” glosses and cannot wait to try it.

Bobbi's website has the best selection of colors so I'm adding a link to it as well.

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