Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jane Iredale Mineral Pressed Powder and Hydrating Mist

Jane Iredale Mineral Powder & Pommisst Hydration (setting or finishing) Spray

After talking with my aestitician yesterday during a brow wax, I decided to go the mineral makeup route again (though in the past I wasn’t really sold on it).  I’ve not been that happy with my skin lately and I know a lot of it has to do with the grueling heat we have right now in Nashville.  My face after my lunch break errands is shiny, sweaty and my pores look hyper huge – even though I’ve applied moisturizer, primer & makeup just a few hours earlier.  Despite being oily I am still plagued with flakes and rough dry patches in certain areas so, this puts me in a tough spot.  It’s frustrating to spend tons of money on “lotions & potions” as my husband calls them & still not be happy or even somewhat happy with your skin.  Plus, my face has barely even seen the sun this Summer – it’s always protected!!  I’m so oily lately that my aestitician thought for the remaining Summer months and heat wave I should switch to a powder foundation.  We settled on Jane Iredale because her shade selection was so vast that they had a perfect match for me & being mineral the makeup actually heals and helps skin as it provides coverage.  I’ve used this powder before but it was in the dead of winter and I found it to be a little drying and the look to be too heavy.  Dependant upon the season and climate I do think this powder has star potential.  It is long lasting, pore & line minimizing, and light diffusing.  It contains no talc, no oil, and no parabens.  It kind of reminds me of the Chanel Double Perfection powder I’ve loved for so long, just mineral!!

I also bought a hydrating/finishing spray that my aestitician has used on me before – it smells delicious and gives skin that glowing, plump, dewy finish that I thought was impossible for someone with my skin type to achieve.  The mist makes the powder finish less powdery and more natural.  It’s also super refreshing and feels nice and cooling especially in this 100+ degree heat!!!!!!  Finally, because this line is ALL mineral it’s all good for you!!  Expensive but I’m hoping I’ll find it to be worth it.  I’ll follow up in a couple weeks.  The shades I’ve used are “warm sienna” and “golden glow” – they both counteract redness beautifully.

Actually, for the first time in awhile when my I checked myself in my car mirror this morning on the way to work I thought my skin looked pretty smooth, fresh and evenly covered.  Matte but not heavy.
Check out the products on Iredale's website (links below) -- the testimonials/results are pretty amazing.

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