Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decisions... Decisions...

Ok,  so I’m being honest… after 1 month + of dedicated La Mer use (I still stand by my initial review that it is lovely – I was just hoping for better results after paying the $135+ price tag) I’m not sure that I’m going to buy it again… So, while I try to make my decision on which moisturizer I’m buying next -- I thought I’d do a post on some of my recent (last couple years) favorites and not so favorites in the facial moisturizer category.

As always, I’m loyal to Trish… giving her Beauty Booster Anti-fatigue Cream with built in primer and SPF the top spot.

This formula lifts and tightens while leaving skin smooth, plump and refreshed plus it anchors your foundation providing for a long lasting very wearable finish. Plus, it has SPF.  This stuff is great and I’m left wondering why I ever stopped using it… $85 for a nice size tube.

Chanel’s Hydramax Active Moisture Gel Cream is perfect if you’re in a hot and humid climate and are, as the label says, active.  I’m active and in a horribly hot and humid climate (+ I’m oily) so for me, in peak Summer months, this is perfect!  This refreshing gel provides adequate hydration and the formula absorbs quickly leaving a nice matte canvas for your foundation.  I will say this is definitely a light moisturizer and not good for those who are super dry.  Weighing in at $72… not bad at all…

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture Not a fan.  I actually didn’t even finish the jar… maybe I’ll use the leftovers as a night foot cream??  In any event, this supposed “pore minimizing” formula did nothing for me.  It did not give me anywhere near the moisture I needed and definitely didn’t minimize the appearance of my pores.  I do not recommend this one.  Sorry, SkinCeuticals… I’m usually such an advocate.  This formula is said to contain sea minerals and algae (similar to that of La Mer) but it is nowhere near the caliber of La Mer.  At $59 – the most affordable but still not worth the price tag.

I’m providing links to all three so you can read more about each product if you like!!

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