Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Gentle

My new favorite thing… This is a delicate exfoliant for sensitive skin.  Exactly what I’ve been needing since my favorite YSL exfoliant was discontinued. :(  I actually like this one better though.  This gentle scrub detoxifies, decongests and polishes skin so your complexion is brighter, smoother and more even.  You gently rub in this yummy greenish scrub and wait 2 -3 minutes before rinsing.  My complexion immediately looked and felt better.  I’m hooked.  Perfect for those with sensitive skin that are looking for an exfoliant to improve oxygen circulation, unclog pores, and remove dead skin cells. It also accelerates cell turnover which equates to a more radiant and luminous complexion overall.   Here is a link to the product @ Sephora:

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