Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's like Butter...

Butter of London Nail Lacquer in Come To Bed Red

I think every girl needs to have a classic red polish in her repertoire.  It’s a perfect fail-proof standby when in doubt.  I just bought my Fall colors (I wanted to stray from greige and Lincoln Park) so I went with Chanel.  See my July 27 blog.  Here’s the thing… dark vampy colors just don’t work for certain occasions in certain seasons IMO – though it is rare.  For instance, this weekend, baby shower in 100+ degree August heat in the deep South.  My outfit is black and cream because I’m just not a pink floral dress wearing type of gal and to add dark maroon or dark grayish graphite polish just seems a little much.  I mean, while I love Twilight, I’m not a vampire. :)  So…what am I to do??  Go with red.  It matches everything, it’s classic and elegant and it’s still fun.  Note: this statement is void if you have super long nails then it’s just tacky.

I love Butter nail polish – it’s non-toxic and they have the most AMAZING collection of colors.  Finding the perfect red can be tough (you just lucked out because I did it for you!!!) - I look for ones with blue undertones - just like this shade by Butter.  Butter was started in London in 2005 and I’m starting to see it pop up all over the States.  It stays on forever and their killer shades are often seen on the hands of runway models at Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Issa, and more.  The polish is $14.00 – so more than OPI or Essie but significantly less than Chanel.

Check out Butter’s website:

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