Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanae Mori Parfum

Hanae Mori Hanae Eau de Parfum

From Paris with love… a fabulous fragrance!  At first I didn’t think I was all about this scent but, after a couple hours of wear my feelings totally changed.  Hanae Mori has been around forever and there’s obviously a reason why.  My Mom used to wear this at some point as I was growing up and once I realized why it seemed familiar... I remembered loving it back then too.  Give it a try -- it grows on you!! This is definitely a “floral” scent which, in my opinion, makes it especially nice for this time of year.  There are notes of berry and currant, woods & musk, peonies, and jasmine & rose.  It is all around yummy and while it wears and lasts great it doesn’t ever smell heavy or overpowering.  I cannot stop smelling my wrists.

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