Monday, April 16, 2012

YSL Temps Majeur

Yves Saint Laurent Temps Majeur Moisturizer

This stuff is MAJOR in every way (too bad the price tag is major too).  I can say without a doubt though, it will quench and hydrate the driest of dry skin in a flash.  It is decadent and feels and looks amazing on the skin.  I consider myself to have the opposite of dry skin though I do get dry patches – what this did for those patches was better than any amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor could ever come close to doing.

This Yves formula contains Ganoderma Spores which supposedly lead to “eternal youth.”  Not sure I’ll stand behind that statement but the spores definitely worked wonders on my face the last couple mornings. I'm dying to try the eye cream too.

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  1. Might just have to try this! Thanks for the recommendation!!