Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Gloss Parade

By Terry Laque De Rose #2 (sinful rose) & Gloss Delectation #2 (creamy fig)

Gloss Delectation is a super shiny, plumping gloss that gives lips a high lacquer effect.  I have posted a review on another color before.  My new fav color for Fall is “creamy fig” – it is the most flattering soft plum (err, fig).  I swear it’s actually neutral.  This is a gloss that wears a little more like a lipstick thanks to a high pigment concentration. The formula is full of antioxidants and is ultra hydrating.  It feels amazing going on and wears quite well for a gloss.

Laque De Rose is a gloss that’s more like a balm, albeit the most decadent and luxurious balm on earth… This guy is equally as hydrating as the Delectation but gives a super sheer wash of color (think tinted balm).  The formula is totally non-sticky, super softening, and it contains SPF 15.  I use the colorless version constantly.  I’m loving “sinful rose” which I’d classify as a peachy pale coral to add a pop of color to my pout – though all the shades are totally wearable and gorgeous.  

Yes, these glosses are expensive but, they truly last forever and you’re really nourishing your lips as you wear them.  Love, love, love…

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