Monday, August 6, 2012

What a trip!!

Skin Trip Mountain Ocean Coconut Moisturizer

I’m head over heels for this yummy coconut body lotion – it kind of reminds me (bottle packaging especially!) of my hippie days when I did things like go on a mini Phish tour to venues in the middle of nowhere wearing cutsie smock tops and hemp necklaces around my neck!!  Some things change but some things stay the same!!  Since 1971 this small family owned company and has been producing tiny batches of this product to ensure the quality of each bottle/product.  The result is a body cream that is perfect in texture, weight, rate of absorption, scent, and freshness.  All of Skin Trip’s products are 100% organic/vegan and are at their best when most fresh!  Trust me, you buy this guy and there is no doubt you will use it so fast that it couldn’t possibly lose any freshness!

The scent is heaven and lingers just beautifully.  It is lighter (so perfect for the end of Summer heat) but it is still super hydrating and not the least bit greasy.  Here’s the best part – it’s barely over $10. 

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