Monday, August 27, 2012

Your Fall look (& mine!) by Cle de Peau – Part I

All of the products mentioned below are available at Nordstrom in Green Hills.  See my friend, Sara Stewart, at the Cle de Peau counter to customize your own fall look or just copy mine!  If you really want to treat yourself, book a facial massage & treatment first (ask for Michelle Morgan) in Nordstrom’s fabulous spa room (who knew??) to stimulate blood flow, hydrate, plump and revitalize tired, lackluster skin.  It will make your makeup application 100 times better!  I had a treatment yesterday and I’m still glowing this morning (more on this later as well).

Stay tuned later this week for the products used in Part II of my fall look from Cle & for more information on Cle de Peau’s incredible skin care products and Shiseido too!!

Silky Cream Foundation B30

This will without a doubt be my fall/winter foundation.  I was blown away by the staying power this product had and how luminous and dewy it made my skin look.  This is a full coverage product with a super lightweight texture.  You end up completely covered feeling like your skin is fresh and naked.  The tiniest drop covers your whole face and neck and it’s best applied with my favorite Shiseido foundation brush.  

Face Enhancer Luminizing Powder

A highlighting powder that uses light diffusing technology to illuminate, add radiance and add light/depth to your complexion.  I love how even though this powder has shimmer it distributes so perfectly and evenly over your face so that you never see a stray piece of glitter like substance or feel like you’re in over the top sparkle.  It’s really just a perfect finishing touch to the silky cream foundation.  It didn’t settle into my pores and looked just as lovely at 7 pm as it did at 2 pm when it was applied.  I feel like it actually helped keep me shine free (of course the foundation did too).

Eye Color Quad #208

This silky quad of wearable neutrals is just perfect for Fall.  The shadow formula makes contouring a cinch and all the shadows are resistant to smudging, fading, and creasing.  Brown based, toned down smoky eyes are major for this season and this quad is the ideal product to flawlessly achieve that look!

The Mascara

This mascara is essentially false lashes in a tube.  It’s amazing!!  My lashes have NEVER looked so curled, long and luscious.  The color is an inky, glossy black that really makes lashes pop.  Talk about dramatic impact!!  Disclaimer: It is near impossible to get this mascara off.  I was warned and now I’m warning you.  It was recommended that I use olive oil to remove it – I tried this and still had a tough time.  It isn’t rough on the lashes though… mine weren’t coming off on the cotton pad or flaking onto my face… the formula just is really, really water proof.  So, cry me a river!

I’m buying a tube and using it for special occasions – you know, the type of events when you look forward to coming home & saturating a cotton ball in olive oil to get your eye makeup off.  LOL.

Still, I’ll  take this over waking up with night-before false lashes stuck to my forehead any day.

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