Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 2 in 2 for 1 (from Monday's Post)

Back Bar Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

I’m so happy that I can give this Nashville-made product an honest, raving review.  As you all know because I mention it so much, I’m working with not only extremely long hair but extremely thick hair so, shampoo & conditioners for me are tough.  This shampoo smelled very fresh and clean and lathered up super nicely.  The conditioner was equally as nice but that’s far from the best part… After blow drying this massive head of hair (no round or paddle brush either, mind you) – My hair was smooth, hydrated, and voluminous (in a good way).  Furthermore, after running a flat iron over my locks very quickly -- (My Usmooth –  another raving review coming soon) I had what looked like a salon quality blow-out with shiny, healthy looking tresses.  I achieved this all within about 30 minutes – this stuff is bananas!!! To quote the great Gwen Stefani and fashion guru Rachel Zoe (not sure who said it first??)… I just had to throw something fashion related in there – given it is Nashville Fashion Week.  I’m just thrilled at how lovely my hair will look tonight for the show!

P.S. @ only $32 for the duo – how can you not try this sulfate/paraben free wonder product???  Sold @ Cosmetic Market and Private Edition.  Out of towners – check out these websites or call the stores to place your orders!! 

I'm also posting a link to another great review of Back Bar's Clarifying shampoo.  I hear it's pretty bananas too.  Haha!

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