Friday, March 18, 2011

ROC (Anti-Aging)

ROC Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
I got my first request this morning (yay!!!)… For an anti-aging cream that was in a lower price range than the Skinceuticals products I posted earlier in the week.  I also think of this product as “preventative maintenance” (or anti-aging) and used it often in my late 20s before switching to a prescription strength retinol cream.  This cream is great for someone just starting to use retinoid/or retinol (the active ingredient) products because the strength is low so you don’t get the redness or flaking that often accompanies the stronger stuff but you still get a powerful punch.  ROC has been out there forever and I know beautiful 60/70+ year old women that swear by this stuff.  You can find it at CVS or Walgreens and even most grocery stores.  I like the night cream – which I used on my forehead and around my eyes in the evening before bed.  It’s a smooth, creamy, and fast absorbing formula that really does work.  So, this one is for you Melissa!!  Be sure & let me know what you think!!  You young, gorgeous, & wrinkle-free girl!!  Prevention, prevention, prevention…

Learn more on RROC’s website:

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  1. Carly! Thank you for posting this! I desperately need a way to be notified whenever you post, becuase my day gets so busy and before I know it I've missed all these awesome product tips! I'm going to the store TODAY to buy this - I promise to post my review 3-5 days after. :)