Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A couple of my favorite Trish products.... (in honor of the coupon)

Trish McEvoy Curling Mascara
This is another wonder product that seriously changed my eyelashes forever!  For some reason my lashes stick straight out.  No curler (even Shu Uemura) or trick like heating the curler first ever worked so, I was at first skeptical of this product but now I am a believer!  It curls my lashes while lengthening and separating and keeps them curled all day.  I have tried every mascara under the sun -- this is THE BEST!!  It is “tubular” -- so the formula glides easily off your lashes @ the end of a the day/night with a little mild soap and water and doesn't run down your face.

24 Hour Eye Shadow & Liner

This stuff has stayed on my eyes while lounging on a beach in the Bahamas and floating in a canoe down a river in TN (No, I do not typically wear makeup while doing outdoor activities... but you catch my drift).  It can be worn dramatic and applied with a brush or as just a tiny bit of shimmer swiped on right from the convenient tube it comes in.  It WILL NOT crease.  I layer her Rose Quartz shadow over @ night for a more statement making smokey eye.  My favorite color is the "Topaz" -- you will be hooked.  The most gorgeous shimmery gold shade... & the easiest of easy application.  It will light up your lids day or night.

I am a Trish advocate so I will follow up this post with several more of my favorite Trish products throughout the day....  stay tuned!!!

Intense Eye Pencil

I’m not really into eyeliner but am a huge fan of a smokey eye – as all my friends and faithful followers know.  I, however, achieve this usually by using shadow under my eye.  Unfortunately, I was not blessed with steady hands and me attempting a neat eyeliner line can sometimes result in the Alice Cooper look circa the early 90s.  LOL.  This pencil is highly pigmented and has the best smudger on one side.  It’s pretty much impossible to screw up the application.  It is dark though so definitely a smokey/edgy look.  It can also be used to line the under part of the top lid and poke in between the lashes to make the eyes pop without creating an actual line.  A trick all makeup artists use that I was unable to master until this pencil came into my life.  This pencil is smooth, blendable & rich.  It has excellent staying power as well – as all Trish’s products do!! 

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