Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charleston, SC Store Review #1

Stella Nova, Charleston, SC
I had the pleasure of visiting one of my all time favorite cities last weekend and as promised made time to do a few beauty store reviews while there!  (how rough, right?? haha!) Top/favorite on my list would have to be Stella Nova located downtown on the charming King St.  I met with Stella’s owner/manager, Laran D’ Eustachio, she was bubbly, knowledgeable & willing to hook me up with all kinds of samples to review & test for you (she also had a bronzed & flawless face, BTW)!! Laran told me a lot about a new SPF line they’re carrying called Luca that she was very excited about promoting.  I’ll definitely be trying it later this Spring when I’m out of my ROC.  Stella Nova is an adorable little nook packed to the gills with all kinds of products and a complete salon in the back.  Check out the link to their website below for more detailed information.  I’m also adding a couple of pics I snapped while passing through.

My fabulous goodie bag from Laran included: Oribe “Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful Color”, Natura Bisse’s “rb ceutical” (intensive tolerance booster/repair serum), “essential shock gel cream” (intensive firming), “diamond extreme” (anti-aging bio-regenerative cream), & “oxygen cream” (infuses skin with oxygen and improves clarity/purifies), Beauty Treats “green tea facial mask” (vitamins C, E + chamomile – helps skin texture, soothes, and moisturizes), Wella Professional “brilliance treatment” (for course, colored hair with no sulfate or paraben), Geo F. Trumper’s “violet & original” shaving creams & last but not least a couple Jack Black products for my hubby – who will be forced to use them and review – though he could really care less. J  I have tried Natura Bisse products before & loved them so I am looking forward to testing a few more – same with Wella!  Though I’m super enthused mostly because much of the rest of my goodie bag was filled with new ones for me!!
Oh, also a precious little mini soy candle by Er’go that I burned in my bedroom the night I got home!!  Yummy – my scent was “morning hibiscus!!”
So, over the next couple weeks I will be working these new products into my daily routine & posting  reviews!!  To be continued…

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