Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Eye Shadow Palette -- handpicked by yours truly...

My Personal Spring & Summer Eye shadow Palette
Of course, by Trish!  Note – all these gorgeous colors I accentuate with my Trish intense eyeliner pencil and my Trish 24-hour shadow liner in Topaz.  So, here’s my palette: (which I snapped for you while getting ready this morning).  It is composed of both shimmering and matte shades and all help create the most gorgeous smoky eye – for day or night!

My colors are deluxe champagne (which I use as a base or highlighter, heather (matte – for the crease), rose quartz (also good for the crease and gorgeous layered w/ the topaz 24-hour liner – more dramatic this way for night), delicate pink (matte, I use as a base), deep aubergine (this is a definer or liner), gilded taupe, (which is a shimmery darker definer and sadly not available right now L), and kiwi (an iced seafoam green which I use to brighten & highlight the inner corners of my eye).
I use Trish’s eye base as my primer to anchor the shadow to my lids.
Here’s a link to Trish’s website. http://www.trishmcevoy.com/
Or, try the Trish counter @ Private Edition if you’re in Nashville.


  1. How do I figure out which colors are best with my skin and eye color?

  2. You're probably pretty close to the colors I use -- hazel/green eyes, right? To be fool-proof I'd pop into Private Edition and get Laura @ the Trish copunter to help you. This palette is pretty universal though. :)

  3. "counter" -- that is. Speed typing...