Friday, April 22, 2011


Benefit Bathina
One of my husband’s favorite lines is “take a picture” – which he loves to snap at people who gawk at me.  No, I’m not some gorgeous glamazon tooting my own horn – I just happen to be one of the tallest (non - WNBA star) females on the planet (he’s shorter than me – quite a pair we are!).  I sometimes actually hit the 6’3/6’4 mark in heels and definitely feel like a circus freak (thanks Dad for that height gene).  Anywho, getting back on track… this product’s label reads “take a picture... it lasts longer” & when I use it – it always makes me giggle. Bathina is a super silky body balm that comes in a cute little tin with a fabulous powder-puff sponge applicator.  I like to smooth a bit down my shins and lower thighs when I’m dressed in skirts and shorts in the Summer.  It has a hint of shimmer and really has a slimming effect.  It’s lovely on the collar bone and shoulders/arms too!!  It also smells delicious!  Quite luxurious – I know you’ll love it.  It seriously creates runway ready legs (& not just for the ultra-tall)!

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