Monday, April 4, 2011

Chanel Pro Lumiere + a neat little trick/tip!!

Chanel Pro Lumiere + a neat little trick/tip!!
I always find this time of year is tough to match your foundation to your skin – you want a little more glow and bronze than your winter foundation provides but you don’t want to look like an oompa-loompa.  Moreover, I feel like my skin tone is hard to match any time of year because it has so much red in it.  I recently switched from Armani foundation (which I’ve reviewed and adored for awhile) to Chanel (mostly because I felt like Chanel had a color that suited my skin better for Spring).  Or so I thought…
I realized after seeing a recent photo of myself – it was still a bit too dark on my face for this time of year – even with a generous application of self tanner on the rest of me (Jergens, yes, I use the cheap stuff).
Anywho, I was discussing this seasonal predicament with a Bestie and she suggested mixing the Chanel with the Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer (see 3/29/11 post) & voila!!  Perfect color that looks slightly sun-kissed but not over the top.  The Mercier product is very sheer and light (hence the name "illuminating") & I’ll probably be mixing a bit of it with all my foundations from this point on…
I literally squeezed a bit of each product into one of my clean palms and swirled/mixed it with my finger.  You could use a brush too, of course!  I applied it with my fingers and a fresh sponge for extra blending power!
The Chanel Pro Lumiere is great.  It’s long lasting and spreads evenly with a very professional finish that’s not too heavy.  It’s oil free & has SPF 15.  I feel like if you’re oily, the Armani (see my 3/17/11 post) is probably still your best bet but, this is definitely an excellent product that allows you to build coverage and gives you a “semi-matte” look which I think is the best look for Spring.  Hello??  Chanel?? As if anything they did would ever be a letdown. J
You can buy Chanel @ Macy’s in Green Hills if you’re in Nashville & I believe Dillard’s too.  The Mercier is sold @ Private Edition.  Here is a link to the Chanel @ Neiman Marcus online.

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