Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Head rush from a hair brush

Mason Pearson Brushes
Ok, so these are far from cheap but… I promise to resume my “cheapies” series tomorrow.  They are, however, the greatest brushes EVER.  These brushes are made in the UK and have been a staple of some of the best hairdressers and stylists around -- not to mention a permanent fixture backstage at runway shows for years.  I use the “detangler” & the mini or “pocket” bristle.  I’m adding some links to the brushes online below.
Mason Pearson is unique in many ways… I’ll touch on a few.  The rubber cushion pad allows effective and efficient brushing for even the thickest heads of hair and provides a scalp massage while detangling.  The bristles are all natural and extremely durable.  Hair is cleaned while brushing, the scalp is stimulated so blood flow is increased to the roots, and sebum, an oil which your scalp produces naturally, is spread throughout your hair adding to your natural sheen and luster.  Pretty high-tech for a hairbrush.  I’ve had both of mine for almost 15 years – no joke.  Oh -- they're really pretty too.  I’ll never use another brand.  The “detangler” is the ONLY brush that can easily comb through my enormous head of hair after shampoo/conditioning.  Well worth the $$.

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