Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jane Iredale Gloss

Jane Iredale Pure Gloss in Cotton Candy
I’ve always been curious about Iredale products so last weekend after a brow wax, because my salon happens to carry the brand, I grabbed a gloss (you know, I just HAD to have it that second). J  I’m not really impressed.  The gloss itself is pretty and has a nice shimmer (even though the color ended up way too coral for me in sunlight) but it’s near impossible to get enough gloss on the wand to even cover your bottom or top lip – let alone both!  I tried to squeeze the tube myself and put a bit more on the applicator and ended up with a total mess. L  They’re fairly inexpensive – about $19 – and I’ll definitely finish the tube but I will not be trying Iredale gloss again.  The formula supposedly “plumps” but my pout sure isn’t any plumper.  Too bad because judging by the list of ingredients – all natural – I really thought this would be a winner.
It's not nearly as fun to write a bad review...

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