Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trish Gloss

Trish Mc Evoy Beauty Booster Gloss

I just went back through my archives and cannot believe I haven’t blogged about this gloss yet.  I must have had a mental block!!  One of the best glosses for everyday wear.  It comes in a fantastic easy-to-apply tube and has just a hint of shimmer/sparkle.  It’s ultra moisturizing and has SPF too.  My favorite shades are “Sexy Nude” & “Brightening Pink” – this gloss stays put very well and never looks caked on or goopy.  Buy one, you will love it!! The tube lasts forever and the color and feel is to die for – most shades are shimmering (Sexy Nude) and slightly translucent (Brightening Pink).  Your pout will be hydrated and perfectly plump I promise!  These glosses are also gorgeous layered over Trish’s Essential pencil or the Tarte crayon I’ve blogged about in previous posts.
I bought mine at Private Edition in Green Hills (which I mention constantly and have reviewed before).  Ask for Autumn or Laura & tell them you read about this gloss on my blog.
If you’re not in Nashville, here is a link to the gloss on Trish’s website:

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