Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crème de la Mer (because I’m a high rolla now…)

La Mer
Well, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the Natura Bisse Diamond Cream – even though I did love it so!!  Instead I went with a constant beauty award winner & long time celebrity and fashion world favorite… good ol’ La Mer.  I’ve only been curious about this stuff for like 15 years!!  I love it.  I recently came to the conclusion that while I’ve got combination/oily skin my typical gel moisturizers were not giving me the hydration I really needed.  As a result baby fine lines and crinkles were looking magnified (& freaking me out big time at age 31!!) so I ordered the La Mer when my Natura Bisse sample ran out. 
Again, I love it!  La Mer is a potent mix of sea kelp, vitamins, & minerals that goes through a special distilling and fermentation process.  It is thick and creamy and smells clean and fresh.  A little goes a very long way and I’ve been following the directions by warming a small amount in my palm to “activate” the ingredients before applying it to my face and neck and my skin has been just soaking it up.  My foundation is going on smoother and staying in place longer.  My skin looks plump and smooth and feels hydrated and firm.  Seriously, everything you’ve heard about this cream is true.  It comes in a dainty white glass jar and is packaged nicely in a box decorated with La Mer’s signature pink and green colors.  Too bad I’m not uber-rich otherwise I would be applying it to my entire body. Here is a link to the product @ Neiman Marcus.

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