Monday, May 16, 2011

Pla Lip Gloss

Pla Beauty Lip Gloss in “Girlie Girl” Pronounced like (Play)
I was introduced to this new brand over the weekend and, the creator has such an inspirational story that I am posting a link to her website so you can read the story for yourself.  I LOVE that she’s in my hometown of Atlanta, GA as well.  I’m always happy to spend/support for a good cause too.
I tried on several glosses and ended up going with a neutral/natural pink shade fairly close to my own lip color.  You all know I’m a gloss fanatic & I really cannot say enough good things about this one.  It has my favorite sponge-like applicator and really has major staying power (seriously hard to find in a gloss).  It goes on very smooth and not the least bit sticky or gloppy.  I had no issue with my hair blowing in the breeze and getting stuck in my gloss as I perused the East Nashville flea markets this weekend. J
Pla has some glosses that are very sheer, some very sparkly, and some super highly pigmented.  I know I will be trying another one sometime very soon.  Oh, and you can’t beat the price of only $20 -- & this is not a teeny tiny tube.  If you’re in Nashville you can purchase Pla @ Woo on Bandywood.  There is also a Woo in Atlanta.  I’m adding a link to Woo’s site as well.  I am also interested in trying some of Pla’s other products.

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