Thursday, May 19, 2011

DEFENCE!! (yep, I meant to spell it that way!)

Kevin Murphy –Heated Defence Spray
I have been majorly struggling with fly-aways lately… honestly, they came out of nowhere and they’re all over my head.  No pomade, serum, oil, gel or hairspray really helps all that much.  I was about to try a new spray by Bumble & Bumble (see last week’s post) when my hairstylist introduced me to a new product from Kevin Murphy.  I also use Murphy’s Luxury Rinse shampoo & conditioner – which I’ll review later -- fantastic.  The product is designed to be sprayed on damp hair for a volumizing effect but, it has control too.  Trust me, “volume” on any hair product is something I stay away from but, I was amazed after my blowout at how smooth and relatively flyaway free my hair looked & it lasted for several days!!  Plus, the product (obviously) protects your hair from heat styling which is likely what is giving me fly-aways in the first place!!  J This spray is paraben-free and antioxidant rich.  It adds shine & volume and/or control depending on how you use it. Here is a link to the spray on Murphy's site:

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