Monday, May 23, 2011


Clarins UV Plus-HP SPF 40
I’m finally realizing in my 30s just how damaging the sun can be… I can actually tell the left side of my face is more damaged than my right from driving my car – I confirmed this with my dermatologist.  So, I’m finally starting to be religious about protecting my skin and especially my face on a daily basis.  This is one of my favorite selections right now.  Clarin’s UV Plus HP is an SPF 40, 100% mineral day screen that is ultra lightweight and oil free.  It absorbs pretty much instantly into the skin and leaves none of that white chalky residue that many SPF products do.  This formula is so nice and in my opinion actually acts as a primer and gives my skin a matte finish.  This weekend I applied it to my freshly washed face after my serum and used nothing else but a little NARS Orgasm illuminator (which I got as a sample – review to follow) on my cheeks.  In addition to protecting from the sun, this product also protects from pollution and free radicals.  I think it’s perfect for all skin types.  Another added plus, it fights wrinkles and DNA damage.  For only $38 – how can you pass up adding this protective product to your daily routine??

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