Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amazing Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Much like the title, this tiny tube of concealer is nothing short of amazing.  I don’t really have too many blemishes at this point in my life (thank god!) but, as I’ve mentioned before, I do have a lot of redness I like to tone down.  This formula, again, is amazing and works wonders for apparently concealing anything.  I broke out in hives when my guest bathroom sink clogged, my wine opener broke, & my garbage disposal stopped working all within about an hour of having 20 people in my house for a bridal shower last Saturday and this NYFW goodie bag freebie was my saving grace.  I will forever carry a tube of this in my makeup bag.  This is a full coverage, waterproof blend that glides seamlessly into your skin with a brush (my choice), your finger, or a sponge.  The coverage is truly flawless and it stays put ALL day.  As Amazing Cosmetic’s claims this product really is like a “magic eraser.”  A pin point (no exaggeration) covers what you need it to in seconds.  Well worth the $$.  Check out more info. @ the link to Sephora below:

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