Friday, September 9, 2011

The Tammy Fender Collection

Tammy Fender – The next big thing??

The word on the street via Saks Fifth Avenue in the swanky seaside town of Palm Beach, Florida (my childhood Summer vacation destination for many years) is that this chic’s holistic line is poised to be the next breakthrough in the world of skincare.  Her website is killer and super easy to navigate – you can shop by concern or category and she provides in depth explanations for the thought/belief/backing behind each specific product.  All her formulas are organic, custom blended and based on the ancient methods of healing that are holistic medicine.  All her products are stored in gorgeous amber bottles that will look lovely setting on your bathroom counter or vanity and her prices, IMO, are very reasonable.

So, if we see her name pop up in Allure next month… I reserve the right to say I told you so!!  As to who told me about Ms. Fender… that would be a little bird.  :)

Check out the link to the Tammy Fender website below:

Happy Friday!!!  Tomorrow this chic is heading to New York for Fashion week so… limited posts while I'm away.  XXOO

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