Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't follow this "Yellow Brick Road" anywhere!!

Yellow Brick Road nail laquer by Deborah Lippman

Another one from NYFW – I don’t know whose finger nails are shown in this picture but it would take, no joke, 15+ coats to achieve this look.  I tried 3-4 coats which basically made my nails look unhealthy and yellow stained and gave up. :(  NYFW is striking out BIG TIME in the nail polish category this season with me.  But hey, beggars can’t be choosers so, let’s just be glad I tested it before you went out and spent $14.00 on your own bottle.  Maybe Rihanna has 5 hours to let her nails dry and another 3 hours to have them painted 14 times but I, do not!!

I will say that I have had other great experiences with Lippman colors and think her manicures are lovely but this color, not so much.

Happy hump day!  It makes me sad to give 2 bad reviews in a row.  Let’s hope I can churn out another positive one before Friday. Obviously, some people love this color because it’s currently on back-order.

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