Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lip Fusion Lip Liner

Lip Fusion XL 2X Micro –Collagen Pencil 

A perfect primer pencil for all lipstick wearers.  Not your typical lip liner – which I find usually to be somewhat drying.  This crayon is very moisturizing and totally translucent.  It glides on very easily and leaves no residue behind.  Like all Fusion products – this one is designed to plump.  (I didn’t really notice my lips were any fuller though)  It fills in vertical lip lines and prevents feathering – these two things it absolutely did.  All in all an ideal primer pencil plus, being translucent it’s error proof and a perfectly steady hand is not needed – another plus, it comes with its own sharpener.    Here’s a link to the product at Macy’s:


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