Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chanel Lash Curler

Chanel Precision Lash Curler

I’ve had a Shu Uemura lash curler since I was 18 (I’ll be 32 next month) – and I’ve recently gotten to wondering if a lash curler has an expiration date??  For the record, I think they do.  I love my Shu but my lashes do NOT stay curled.  So, thanks to Rachel Zoe’s 10/18/11 blog post I now have $34 less b/c I just had to have Chanel’s new lash curler.  The perfect arc shape of the curler gives lashes a gentle but maximum curl and doesn’t hurt or pull any of your precious lashes.  Supposedly this little fella delivers major curl and lift in a flash but the question is… will it hold?  So far so good… I could definitely tell a difference between the staying power and especially the lift of the Chanel as compared to the Shu Uemura.  But, you better move fast ladies because word is only a limited amount were made and they’re sure to sell out soon.  Happy hunting!! I scored mine w/ the help of Pat at the Macy’s Chanel counter in Green Hills.  I got 1 of 3 left on Tuesday afternoon.  

As far as size and dimensions go – I can tell you that side by side the 2 curlers/brands are almost identical – though the matte black finish and white channel logo is more modern and appealing but, I also haven’t been looking at it in my makeup bag for 14 years!!

Surely with my lash Trish treatment, YSL Shocking mascara, and new Chanel curler we’ll see a dramatic impact in my eye lashes soon!! I’ll post a pic on a day or night when I’ve used all products in the near future.

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