Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy in Love

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eye Shadow – Khaki Pulse #6

I’m seriously crazy in love with these Armani shadows… I have blogged about them before (see my 5/11/11 post) but I’m posting again because I bought my second shade recently and it equates to lid perfection!!  & it is so super easy.  I went with “khaki pulse” aka #6 because I’ve been wanting to recreate that reddish bronze/ copper smoky eye that I saw on the runways this Fall.  A couple sweeps of this shadow (I use a little under my lower lashes too), a little highlighter under the brow bone & mascara and you’re done!  These shadows have the most beautiful shimmer, they can be applied wet or dry, and they do not crease.  Listen, when Armani says it doesn’t crease, he means it!! (I swear they don’t – not even during hot yoga) Here is a link to the product at Neiman Marcus but, I recommend trying a couple in store because the number/name match-up and online pictures can be a little tricky.  They can be layered as well for a more dramatic effect.  I bought both of mine at Woo on Bandywood in Nashville.

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