Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Helpful hints!!!

Life lessons with the Boss…

To prove a product's effectiveness you sometimes have to go w/o it for awhile...

In my case this resulted in my skin looking like $&@! - while I tried madly to figure out why.

Here's what I have concluded. I think you'll find it helpful.

First, do not under estimate the serum!!! I laid off my Skinceuticals for a month and though it took me a bit to notice & pin point the reason... my skin looked less even toned, more red/ irritated & dull. Reintroduce the serum & it's like "oh, hello??!!" I'm much more even, less red & noticeably brighter. Thank god!

Second, for many people just one moisturizer isn't going to do the trick. I gave up on the La Mer & realized (again after about 4 weeks) that what I thought were fine lines forming was really just dry parched skin. This due to my nightly retinol use. So, I use my Obagi during the day & at night a couple times a week  I slather on La Mer in certain sections (my forehead) only. I'm oily so the regular La Mer functions beautifully as a heavier night cream. (again, only in certain spots)

It's trial & error perfecting that mug and it takes forever to get it right!!! But, it’s the only one you've got so you had better keep at it.

Seriously, I think it's a lifelong journey. Thank god you have me, huh??  A little incentive to keep reading…

Happy Hump Day!!

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