Monday, October 3, 2011

YSL Mascara

Ok, you know if Rachel Zoe is advocating for a product it’s got to be a great one!
I don’t know if you read her blog but, I do & now I’m dying to try…

YSL’s Shocking Mascara

Does anyone else remember a couple years ago when YSL’s colored (burgundy) mascara was all the rage??  Don’t call it a comeback…

Thanks Rach!  Maybe I’ll grab a tube of this later this month when I hit the 4 week mark of using Trish’s Lash Enhancer (see my 9/29/11 post) to compliment my new and hopefully more voluminous fringe.  I’m leaving town on the 27th so on the 26th I’ll try to post my first before/after shots and see what my results are just shy of the 4 week mark.

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