Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gloss D'Armani

Giorgio Armani Gloss D’Armani

It comes as no surprise that this lip gloss is awesome.  I have actually yet to try an Armani product I wasn’t head over heels for… so, I felt like this was a safe bet to pick-up before I head to the Bahamas next week and am a bridesmaid in a wedding.  I ended up picking shade “plum601” to try something a little darker and different as I seem to be stuck in a beige/tawny pink rut.  This gloss goes on super smooth and wet looking with a soft velvet applicator.  The color has nice pigment and looks super rich in the tube but goes on beautifully sheer leaving behind the most gorgeous color and finish.  Plus, it lasts for hours – this is true!  Perfect for a wedding when I’ll be most focused on the bride and probably neglecting to check my own reflection and touch myself up for pictures. Armani calls the gloss a “second skin that remains true for eight hours without fading or migrating.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  A true breakthrough in gloss technology!!  I bought mine @ Woo on Bandywood.  The best $28 I’ve spent in awhile. :)

Here is a link to the glosses on Armani’s website:

I cannot wait to try another shade!  Seriously, this gloss makes me so happy.

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